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The station "Tatarstan Awazy" (Voice of Tatarstan) now confirms listeners' reports with QSL cards. You may address you reports to: QSL manager, P.O.Box 134, Kazan, Tatarstan, 420136, Russia.
Unfortunately, due to the lack of funds, station asks its listeners to compensate costs of printing and posting the cards. The return postage is 1 IRC for Russia and CIS states, and 2 IRCs (or 1 US$) for the rest of the world. Alternatively, listeners in Russia may send mint stamps (3 x postage price of ordinary internal letter).
The station also introduced the honorary diploma. To receive it, applicants must send in 12 correct reports during a year. The diploma costs 2 IRCs for Russia, and 4 IRCs for abroad. Direct your applications to the above address. You will receive the detailed diploma conditions together with your first QSL.

Language is mostly Tatar. Regular broadcasts in Russian go out only on Wed (3rd transmission) and Thu (1st and 2nd transmissions). Irregularly they appear on Mon (3rd transmission) and Tue (1st and 2nd transmissions). On week-days, station transmits news bulletins in Russian. All programmes are produced in Kazan studios and relayed via powerful Samara site. Broadcasting is intended for ethnic Tatars who live outside their national republic.
The info was obtained from the station's QSL manager.

Radio Tatarstan's external service, Voice of Tararstan (Tatarstan Awazy), started on 1st August 1997. The shortwave frequencies are relayed from a high power transmitter at Samara and have recently been confirmed by monitoring observations. Programming is mainly in the Tatar language. News bulletins in Russian are carried in most broadcasts on weekdays. Full broadcasts in Russian are carried on Wednesdays during the 3rd transmission and on Thursdays during the 1st and 2nd transmissions.
Languages : Russian, Tatar.

Address :
Radio Tatarstan, Ulitsa M.Gorkogo 15, 420095 Kazan, Tatarstan
P.O. Box 6134, Kazan 420136

Tel.: +7 (8432) 55-20-39 ; Fax: +7 (8432) 43-31-91
E-mail: root@gtrkrt.kazan.su
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