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Yaesu FT-747GX , N2JEU , near Canastota, New York, NY, USA

Drake R8 , Reston, Virginia, USA

JavaRadio , Stockholm, Sweden

Web controlled receiver by Mikrocentrum AB, Umea, Sweden

VK6KSJ , Brooms, Australia

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Band- Frequency 


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Shortwave 1-30Mhz Virginia, USA

 Drake R8 - receive 30sec. online ! 

HF,VHF,UHF 1-2000Mhz Sweden, Lindman original

 user: oe3xmu password: ovb87

HF,VHF,UHF  Washington JavaRadio

remote receiver in Washington - listen to White House

HF,VHF,UHF  Perth, Australia


HF,VHF,UHF  California JavaRadio

San Diego, California, USA

HF,VHF,UHF  South-Sweden JavaRadio

JavaRadio in the far South of Sweden, Borrby

100khz to 1300Mhz  Kansas City, USA

 Live from Kansas - JAVARADIO

30Mhz - 1.3Ghz  VHF/SHF Umea, Sweden

Icom PCR-1000 wide band communications receiver

VLF 11khz - 30Mhz Umea, Sweden

 SRT CR-91 shortwave communications receiver

Shortwave 1-30Mhz New York, USA

 receiver in New York - click here!


VHF/UHF 28-2000Mhz  Washington D.C.

Washington DC and Maryland repeaters live!!

VHF 2m FM-Repeater 145Mhz Stuttgart, Germany

Relais Stuttgart 145.750 FM

VHF/UHF Scanners in  ARIZONA Arizona, USA

 live scan VHF / UHF in Arizona