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Marconi Radio International (MRI) returned to the air after a 5-year absence on February 21, 1999 from a new transmitter site.
We are a small Italian free radio which went on the air for the first time on January 4, 1986.
Our aim is to be a radio for DXers. Our DX programme in English  can be heard at 07.45 UTC (approx)  with repeat at 08.30 UTC (approx). Each edition is followed by a longer Italian version.
Currently we are broadcasting on Sundays from 07.00 to 09.15 UTC (approx)
in English and Italian. Our frequency is 11390 kHz, and power in the region of 30 watts.

We hope to extend the duration of our programme in the near future and also to increase power.
However as we are still testing, times of transmission are liable to change without notice.
MRI welcomes letters and reception reports from listeners but they must be accompanied by one International Reply Coupon, US$ 1 or Lire 1000 if a verification is required.
We QSL 100%. Our address is: Via Umbria 1, 74100 Taranto, ITALY.
Further information about our station may be ascertained from our web site at this address:


Our E-mail address is: mrisw@hotmail.com

We hope that you will share this information with your members.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
(April, 8th, 1999)

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